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Title: 'Real Thief help' // "***THE DEMON OF THE CROSS***" <19> Wed Dec 31 07:53:01 1997

This is advanced... but if you are experinced enough to follow me it is a
great secret.  I modified it from an SK trick and wasn't the first to do so
but I was the first to make it avaiable to the public... so here it goes:

alias eva do judge mark $@, look at $@, nick target $@  //allows you to judge
and look at a target for quick evaluation of level/class and guild as well as
making a nick alias

alias stm steal money from target //allows you to steal money from the person
you just judge/looked at

alias sth steal helmet from target //allows you to steal a helmet from the

alias m steal $@ from target //allows you to type what you want to steal-m
firebreather- to steal a firebreather...

it is a good idea to make aliases for fequently stolen items... stealing
pipes and earbags crutches and such... good luck and I hope you get the idea

of what I am saying... send me a message if you have a question

the Humble Demon

End of note number 236.

its faster if you just have an alias to set the target and
then have two aliases that judge/examine the target.

alias mark nick mark
alias em exa mark
alias jm judge mark

this way you type 'mark <target>' then 'em' to examine them
and 'jm' a few times to judge them. It's a few seconds faster
than the do command.

TLR, the impatient

End of note number 237.

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