Why to use Barbed Darts or Boomerangs

********Title: 'throw weapons' // Defarge <19> Mon Sep 21 03:50:45 1998

barbed darts which are throw weapons lowers the dex of your opponent by one.
when the dex of your opponent is lowered by one, they are:
1) easier to hit
2) since easier to hit you raise skills against them "faster"
3) easier to disarm
4) since easier to disarm if they had a weapon and a fighter disarms them
they should do far less damage than without their weapon
5) since they do less damage to us this allows us a greater chance to kill
them without leaving the room- which is usually(but not alway) better
6) since they are easy to kill without leaving a room if we are in a locked
room it gives us a little better chance to live if we are lagged-not much
greater chance- but little chance
7) since they do less damage then normally there is a greater chance of us
living if we have set our wimpy too "low"
8) but at least one monster out there gets really pissed if you throw darts
at him/her, so be ready for anything anywhere

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