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A huge kitchen-sink modpack server dedicated to experimenting with all the major industrial mods EXCEPT for IC2 and Mekanism. (Just added Immersive Engineering) Yes, there is much duplication of functionality--so you can play around with everything and see what you like.


Additional Dimensions

Ancient Treasure Room
part of 'Fossils and Archaeology Revival'.
world of combat-intensive vaguely Egyptian desert & ruins added by 'Atum: Journey into the Sands'.
Deep Darks
scary underdark mining dimension added by Extra Utilities. Has vashta nerada, so keep your torches lit.
miniature custom dimensions created by RFTools. Like Mystcraft, only tech-flavored.
The Erebus
vaguely Devonian-era underground world added by 'The Erebus:Dimension of Arthropods'.
The Last Millenium
void dimension added by Extra Utilities.
Layer of Darkness
part of 'Fossils and Archaeology Revival'.
The Twilight Forest
Combat-intensive faerie dimension added by 'The Twilight Forest'.
Wyvern Lair
dimension where wyvern-riders & wyverns live, added by Mo'Creatures.


Current Forge Version:

Mod Planning Spreadsheet (GoogleDocs)

Industrial/Engineering Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Another One Bites the Dust 2 provides dust versions of industrial materials, so all those grinders/pulverizers/etc work, even with substances not from their mods MinecraftForum:1293528-aobd-2-process-all-the-ores CurseForge:another-one-bites-the-dust
Applied Energistics 2 matter-energy storage and automating all the things CurseForge:applied-energistics-2
Extra Cells 2 AE2 add-on, provides liquid storage FTBOldWiki:Extra_Cells; Extra Cells 2 proper docs are scanty CurseForge:extracells2
AE2 Stuff AE2 add-on, provides Crystal Growth Chamber, etc CurseForge:ae2-stuff CurseForge:ae2-stuff
AutoPackager autocraft storage blocks CurseForge:autopackager CurseForge:autopackager
Big Reactors Pseudo-fission reactors that don't blow up or otherwise behave badly, and put out lots of power, depending on your design FTBOldWiki:Big_Reactors, Big Reactor Simulator
BuildCraft Eldest of elder mods; the first engineering mod Official docs may be incomplete: Unofficial: Robots; Robot Type Cheat Sheet; Robot Tree Farm Tutorial. Assembly Table;
Additional BuildCraft Objects BuildCraft add-on: windmills, waterwheels, more BC pipes MinecraftForum:2310397-additional-buildcraft-objects-a-plugin-for
EnderIO compact pipes, machines, power generation, cool stuff, MinecraftForum:1291161-1-7-1-6-ender-io-how-many-pipes-in-one-block CurseForge:ender-io
EnderIO Add-Ons additional machines from the EnderIO author, including a farming station that works with Agricraft plants CurseForge:ender-io-addons CurseForge:ender-io-addons
EnderCore REQUIRED library for EnderIO N/A CurseForge:endercore
Extra Utilities provides item/liquid/energy transport, generators, and many useful things MinecraftForum:wip-mods/1443963-extra-utilities-v1-1-0k CurseForge:extra-utilities
Forestry see under Creature and Plant Mods
Immersive Engineering diesel-punk, multi-block machines and wires FTBwiki:Immersive_Engineering CurseForge:immersive-engineering
Immersive Integration addons to Immersive Engineering that integrate with other mods CurseForge:immersive-integration same
Metallurgy more ores, metals and alloys, plus some simple machines & decor, Grand spreadsheet of metal stats CurseForge:metallurgy
Metallurgy Core REQUIRED lib for Metallurgy N/A CurseForge:metallurgy-core
MineFactory Reloaded automate many things, provides some item transport, RedNet cables, mining lasers, etc FTBOldWiki:MineFactory_Reloaded, CurseForge:minefactory-reloaded
PneumaticCraft industrial use of plastic and compressed air CurseForge:pneumaticcraft
In-Game Wiki Mod REQUIRED documentation mod for PneumaticCraft N/A CurseForge:in-game-wiki-mod
Pressure Pipes high-volume liquid transport CurseForge:pressure-pipes
Railcraft see under Transportation
RedLogic redstone wiring, logic gates & lighting MinecraftForum:1444476-1-7-2-redlogic-replacement-for-rp2-wiring-logic ,, also
Immibis Core REQUIRED lib for RedLogic N/A
Redstone Paste run redstone circuits on walls MinecraftForum:1291890-redstone-paste-mod MinecraftForum:1291890-redstone-paste-mod
RFTools RF-based machines, including dimension creation; also in-game manuals CurseForge:rftools
McJtyLib REQUIRED lib for RFTools N/A CurseForge:mcjtylib
Solar Flux solar panels for power CurseForge:solar-flux CurseForge:solar-flux
Ewy's Workshop single-block multi-crafting station (continuation of Steve's Workshop, soon to replace it) CurseForge:ewys-workshop CurseForge:ewys-workshop
Thermal Dynamics item,liquid, & energy transport mod in the 'Thermal' series. CurseForge:thermal-dynamics
Thermal Expansion central mod in the 'Thermal' series: machines,power gen,tools CurseForge:thermalexpansion
Thermal Foundation REQUIRED base mod in the 'Thermal' series. It contains all the basic materials, world generation and mobs. CurseForge:thermal-foundation
COFH Core REQUIRED lib for the 'Thermal' series. CurseForge:cofhcore
Tinker's Construct cast tools with interchangeable parts; early-game ore doubling MinecraftForum:2218638-tinkers-construct CurseForge:tinkers-construct
Mantle REQUIRED lib for Tinker's Construct N/A CurseForge:mantle
ExtraTiC Metallurgy and other mod support add-on for Tinker's Construct MinecraftForum:wip-mods/1445212-extratic-tinkers-construct-mod-support-add-on CurseForge:extratic
Iguana's Tinker Tweaks level-up TiC tools, configure more features of TiC MinecraftForum:2176855-iguanas-tinker-tweaks CurseForge:iguanas-tinker-tweaks

Transportation Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Archimede's Ships Plus build large ships & air ships GitHub:darkevilmac/archimedes-ships-plus/wiki CurseForge:davincis-vessels
Moving World REQUIRED lib for Archimede's Ships Plus N/A CurseForge:movingworld
Nomadic Tents portable dimensional tents CurseForge:nomadic-tents CurseForge:nomadic-tents
Obsidian Boat fireproof, indestructible boats made from obsidian MinecraftForum:1293042-obsidian-boat-v1-3-2 CurseForge:obsidian-boat
Railcraft Elder mod: trains!, CurseForge:railcraft

Dimension Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Atum: Journey into the Sands Combat-intensive vaguely Egyptian desert & ruins MinecraftForum:2373722-atum-journey-into-the-sands CurseForge:atum
The Erebus:Dimension of Arthropods vaguely Devonian-era underground world MinecraftForum:2244153-0-2b-the-erebus-latest-release-is-out-block-o CurseForge:the-erebus
The Twilight Forest Combat-intensive faerie dimension FTBOldWiki:Tutorial:Getting_Started_(Twilight_Forest), MinecraftForum:1276258-the-twilight-forest-v2-3-5-wrecking-block CurseForge:the-twilight-forest

Terrain Generation Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
ExtrabiomesXL pretty biomes & trees MinecraftForum:1282126-extrabiomesxl-universal-3-16-2-for-mc-1-7-10 CurseForge:extrabiomesxl
Mo'Villages villages more common, use local materials MinecraftForum:2641558-mo-villages-v1-4-1-for-1-7-10-updated-16th-of-may CurseForge:mo-villages
Ridiculous World adds 6 weird biomes MinecraftForum:wip-mods/2152723-ridiculous-world-for-those-who-like-their-biomes CurseForge:ridiculous-world
Ruins random-gen ruins MinecraftForum:1282339-ruins-structure-spawning-system
Undergrounds Biomes Constructs more colorful rocks MinecraftForum:1293503-underground-biomes-constructs CurseForge:undergroundbiomesconstructs

Creature and Plant Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
AgriCraft breed crops for superiority MinecraftForum:2306730-agricraft-agricultural-farming-extended, How (not) to Grow Weeds Crop Breeding 101 CurseForge:agricraft
Binnie's Mods It's BAAACK! add-on for Forestry, MinecraftForum:1284348-1-7-10-1-6-4-forestry-binnies-mods-1-8-0-2-0-dev CurseForge:binnies-mods
Binnie Patcher No longer needed since updates to Binnie's Mods CurseForge:binniepatcher
Forestry Elder mod: auto-farming, tree-breeding, BEES!, MinecraftForum:1277638-forestry-for-minecraft-trees-bees-and-more CurseForge:forestry ,
Doggie Talents Smarter, trainable dogs with levels MinecraftForum:1287584-doggy-talents-a-day-dogs-would-not-drown-now Note: annoying link. Read page source of page to find actual link if you have scripts blocked (which you should) MinecraftForum:1287584-doggy-talents-a-day-dogs-would-not-drown-now
Father Toast's Utility Mobs Defensive golems for your base CurseForge:utility-mobs
Fossils and Archaeology Revival dig up fossils and revive extinct species! Find treasures of antiquity! CurseForge:fossils-and-archeology-revival
LLibrary REQUIRED library for Fossils and Archaeology N/A CurseForge:llibrary
Garden Stuff See under Decorative Mods
Gendustry Forestry add-on for genetic engineering CurseForge:gendustry
bdlib REQUIRED lib for Gendustry N/A CurseForge:bdlib
Growthcraft Grow more food and brew booze [old, may disappear, but complete]; [new]; Growthcraft Booze reference CurseForge:growthcraft-community-edition
Improving Minecraft wild livestock must be tamed & bred to get domestic livestock; many other tweaks to gameplay MinecraftForum:1294646-improving-minecraft-v1-8-0 MinecraftForum:1294646-improving-minecraft-v1-8-0
Just Another Spawner fine control of mob spawning GitHub:ProjectZulu/JustAnotherSpawner/wiki or CurseForge:just-another-spawner
Magic Bees (Soon to be added) CurseForge:magic-bees CurseForge:magic-bees
Plant Mega Pack jillions of plants in-game tooltips plus
Rancraft Penguins adds penguins! MinecraftForum:1279970-rancraft-penguins-seventeen-species
Rivvest's Revamp less-stupid villagers MinecraftForum:1287045-revamp-rivvests-enhanced-villagers-and-mob CurseForge:revamp

Decorative & Storage Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Backpacks wearable extra inventory space MinecraftForum:1286124-1-6-x-1-7-x-backpacks-v-2-0-1 MinecraftForum:1286124-1-6-x-1-7-x-backpacks-v-2-0-1
Bibliocraft Decor & storage: furniture, shelves, maps, books, printing CurseForge:bibliocraft
BiblioWoods Add-ons Add-ons for Bibliocraft to provide wood textures for Forestry & ExtraBiomesXL woods N/A
Carpenter's Blocks They don't make block/stair/slab/bed/fence/gate etc in the material you want to use? With this mod, you can make it so!, CurseForge:carpenters-blocks (no dev versions)
Chisel (TeamChisel fork) decorative variants of existing blocks FTBWiki:Chisel_(TheCricket26) CurseForge:chisel
Chisel Facades add-on: Chisel blocks as Buildcraft facades CurseForge:222784-chisel-facades CurseForge:chisel-facades
ChiselTones add-on: Chisel variants of Ztones blocks CurseForge:228004-chiseltones CurseForge:chiseltones
MoreChisels add-on: yet more chisel blocks CurseForge:227904-morechisels CurseForge:morechisels
Ender Storage store your items in The END, causing them to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time (multi-channel ender chests, basically) MinecraftForum:1279956-chickenbones-mods
FlatSigns put signs flat on the ground or ceiling CurseForge:flatsigns CurseForge:flatsigns
Garden Stuff gardening in containers and small plots; ornamental trees; outdoor decor; hanging lamps GitHub:jaquadro/GardenCollection/wiki CurseForge:garden-stuff
Horizontal Glass Panes exactly what the name suggests MinecraftForum:2353209-horizontal-glass-panes CurseForge:horizontal-glass-panes
Iron Chests 2 More & larger chests MinecraftForum:1280827-1-5-and-up-forge-universal-ironchests-5-0 old post, use NEI for recipes
JABBA a barrel mod - mass storage of single item types Note: text docs incomplete at best. Best text docs Decent video docs CurseForge:jabba
MalisisDoors better doors, more doors, including sliding doors MinecraftForum:2076338-malisisdoors-1-7-10-1-9-5-31-08-2015-see-p107-2146 CurseForge:malisisdoors
MalisisCore REQUIRED lib for MalisisDoors N/A CurseForge:malisiscore
Storage Drawers storage decor at any stage, mid-to-late game inventory management MinecraftForum:2198533-storage-drawers-v1-5-14-v2-1-7-updated-aug-16-15 CurseForge:storage-drawers
Ye Gamol Chattels decorative objects CurseForge:ye-gamol-chattels
IvToolkit REQUIRED lib for Ye Gamol Chattels N/A CurseForge:ivtoolkit
Ztones lots more decorative blocks, and a few tools MinecraftForum:2221070-ztones-v-2-2-1-decorative-blocks-16x CurseForge:ztones

Everything Else

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
aroma1997core Required library for AromaBackup (must be on both client & server) CurseForge:aroma1997core CurseForge:aroma1997core
COFHTweaks like FastCraft, plays better with COFH stuff CurseForge:cofhtweaks CurseForge:cofhtweaks
Cosmetic Armor appearance-only gear MinecraftForum:2287519-cosmetic-armor-v1-0-5-because-its-important-to-be CurseForge:cosmetic-armor
Dimensional Anchor easy-to-use chunkloader MinecraftForum:1281065-immibiss-mods-now-with-85-7-less-version-numbers
EnchantView see all the enchantments available MinecraftForum:1278132-thebombzens-mods#EnchantView MinecraftForum:1278132-thebombzens-mods#EnchantView
ThebombzenAPI required library for EnchantView N/A MinecraftForum:1278132-thebombzens-mods#ThebombzenAPI
Hunger in Peace Food still matters in peaceful mode CurseForge:224473-hunger-in-peace CurseForge:hunger-in-peace
AppleCore add saturation, food value to hunger bar; REQUIRED library for Hunger in Peace GitHub:squeek502/AppleCore/wiki/AppleCore-features CurseForge:applecore
InfiniBow Infinity-enchanted bows no longer require 1 arrow CurseForge:62121-infinibows CurseForge:infinibows
Minetweaker 3 allows adding, changing & removing recipes.
Modtweaker 2 add-on for Minetweaker that lets it change special mod recipes. CurseForge:modtweaker
NotEnoughItems everyone's must-have recipe utility. Also every server operator's must-have server op utility. MinecraftForum:1279956-chickenbones-mods
CodeChickenCore REQUIRED lib for all ChickenBone's mods N/A
NEI Addons adds NEI support for several mods CurseForge:nei-addons
NEI Integration add-on for NEI--more info, more mods supported CurseForge:225251-nei-integration CurseForge:nei-integration
Nomadic Tents portal extra-dimensional spaces for your adventuring needs (essentially, Leomund's Tiny Huts) CurseForge:nomadic-tents CurseForge:nomadic-tents
Open Blocks gravestone, hang glider, elevator, building guide, random useful stuff FTBOldWiki:OpenBlocks + in-game book CurseForge:openblocks
OpenModsLib required library for Open Blocks N/A CurseForge:openmodslib

Client-Only Mods

The server should not have these installed--it can't use them, and they may crash the server.

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Cacti "Categorical Creative Inventory" - alphabetized category tabs for creative tabs. Very helpful with this big a modpack CurseForge:cacti-categorical-creative-inventory CurseForge:cacti-categorical-creative-inventory
JourneyMap personal real-time map & mini-map, MinecraftForum:1278348-journeymap-5-1-5-realtime-mapping-in-game-or-in-a CurseForge:journeymap-32274
Light Level Overlay Reloaded shows light levels-green ok, red-mobs spawn CurseForge:light-level-overlay-reloaded CurseForge:light-level-overlay-reloaded
Not Enough Keys support for more keybindings, find conflicts MinecraftForum:1292963-not-enough-keys-making-pressing-buttons-easier CurseForge:notenoughkeys
Pane in the Glass fill in corners in glass panes on half-slabs and stairs MinecraftForum:1294174-paneintheglass-1-0 MinecraftForum:1294174-paneintheglass-1-0
TiC Tooltips add-on for Tinkers' Construct that adds relevant stats to all tool and tool part tooltips. CurseForge:tic-tooltips CurseForge:tic-tooltips
WAILA show more info about what you are looking at. CurseForge:waila CurseForge:waila
WAILA Harvestability add-on for Waila that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at. CurseForge:waila-harvestability CurseForge:waila-harvestability

Server-Only Mods

You should not have these in your client-side modpack.

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
AromaBackup automatic server backups CurseForge:aromabackup CurseForge:aromabackup
Dynmap real-time map of server CurseForge:59433-dynmapforge CurseForge:dynmapforge
HelpFixer fixes help page links CurseForge:223797-helpfixer CurseForge:helpfixer
Morpheus Sleep to vote to sleep CurseForge:69118-morpheus CurseForge:morpheus