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This modpack is kinda like SkyBlock, except you don't start with a tree and you're surrounded by stone. It´s a kitchen-sink modpack with lots of quests to help guide you in the start and to give the players goals to reach.

This is not a lightweight pack


Additional Dimensions

Dimension Name
brief description.


Current Forge Version:

Industrial/Engineering Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Actually Additions misc tech stuff that looks suspiciously like MFR CurseForge:actually-additions In-game Manual same
Avaritia parody of 'expert' mods TODO CurseForge:avaritia-1-10
BuildCraft great-granddaddy of all industrial mods Blog, /r/buildcraft, possible in-game guide CurseForge:buildcraft
Ceramics Form clay into tools and armor then harden it using heat CurseForge:ceramics same
Compact Solars Compact solar arrays for IC2 TBD CurseForge:compact-solars
Compactor Rapidly compacts items that can be crafted in 2x2 or 3x3 pattern CurseForge:compacter same
ComputerCraft Computers, Programming and Robotics in Minecraft Official Site, wiki CurseForge:computercraft
Cyclic Tools, Machines, Gear, potions, villagers & stuff CurseForge:cyclic same
Dark Utilities Expansive content mod which adds a little bit of everything CurseForge:dark-utilities Not well documented same
Draconic Evolution Draconic Evolution is a mod that adds some extremely expensive high tier items to the game CurseForge:draconic-evolution, wiki same
Ender IO Hey, it's Ender IO CurseForge:ender-io, wiki same
Environmental Tech A Tech mod filled with lots of multiblock machines. All machines run off or generate RF Energy CurseForge::environmental-tech same
ET Lunar Environmental Tech Add-on. Adds a configurable Lunar Panel to the game. Generates RF from the moon CurseForge:et-lunar-environmental-tech-addon same
Ex Compressum Ex Nihilo Addon. Compressed hammers CurseForge:ex-compressum same
Ex Nihilo: Creatio From nothing, we create CurseForge:creatio same
Extra Utilities 2 Just a bunch of useful things FTB page Minecraftforum:wip-mods/1443963-extra-utilities-v1-1-0k CurseForge:extra-utilities
Extreme Reactors port of Big Reactors CurseForge:extreme-reactors same
Immersive Engineering Retro-tech industry CurseForge:immersive-engineering same
IndustrialCraft^2 improved IndustrialCraft IndustrialCraft Wiki CurseForge:industrial-craft
Industrial Foregoing a reinvention of the old 1.7.10 Minefactory Reloaded in-game guide? CurseForge:industrial-foregoing
Integrated Dynamics It is a mix between bundled redstone, BuildCraft gates and Applied Energistics-style networks CurseForge:integrated-dynamics same
Integrated Tunnels Transfer items, fluids and energy over your Integrated Dynamics networks CurseForge:integrated-tunnels same
Integration Foregoing add-on for Industrial Foregoing, some mod integration CurseForge:integration-foregoing same
Mekanism High-tech machinery, powerful energy generation, fancy gadgets and more wiki CurseForge:mekanism
Mekanism Generators Advanced energy generation for Mekanism wiki CurseForge:mekanism-generators
Mekanism Tools Powerful tools and armor for Mekanism wiki CurseForge:mekanism-tools
Mob Grinding Utils A Mod that adds fun ways to make mob farms CurseForge:mob-grinding-utils same
More Furnaces Adds 5 furnaces with different abilities CurseForge:more-furnaces same
Morph-o-Tool The Morphing Tool can mimic any wrench, screwdriver, hammer or wand made of twigs and petals you throw at it, making it the perfect "omni-wrench" style item. TBD CurseForge:morph-o-tool
Random Things adds various miscellaneous items and blocks to minecraft wiki CurseForge:random-things
Redstone Arsenal adds tools and weaponry which harness the power of Redstone Flux TeamCoFH:Redstone Arsenal CurseForge:redstone-arsenal
RF Lux RF powered and redstone controlled lights CurseForge:rf-lux same
RFTools RFTools, blocks and items to help with Redflux (dimension builder, crafter, monitor, scanner, ...) wiki CurseForge:rftools
RFTools Control Automation and logic computer addon for RFTools wiki CurseForge:rftools-control
Solar Flux Reborn A rebirth of Solar Flux mod CurseForge:solar-flux-reborn same
Thermal Expansion features a tech tree involving multiple machines, balanced and flexible recipes, and is now one of the foundation mods in modded Minecraft gameplay TeamCoFH:Thermal Expansion CurseForge:thermalexpansion
Thermal Innovation Thermal Technology marches on. Adds Thermal-style tools and equipment TeamCoFH:Thermal Innovation CurseForge:thermal-innovation
Tinker's Construct Tools with custom parts CurseForge:tinkers-construct same
Tinker's Tool Leveling Use tools. Get modifiers CurseForge:tinkers-tool-leveling same
PlusTiC Successor to ExtraTiC CurseForge:plustic same
Woot Build your own mob factory wiki Factory Build Guide CurseForge:woot

Storage Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Applied Energistics 2 mass storage that offers a network-based storage system; more intricate than Refined Storage. AE2 wiki CurseForge:applied-energistics-2
AE2 STuff various extensions for AE2 TODO CurseForge:ae2-stuff
Chest Transporter pick up chests with stuff and move them CurseForge:chest-transporter same
Colossal Chests For when regular chests are too small CurseForge:colossal-chests same
Ender Storage inked color coded ender chests CurseForge:ender-storage-1-8 same
ExtraCells2 AE2 add-on CurseForge:extracells2 same
Flux Networks wireless energy transfer CurseForge:flux-networks same
Iron Backpacks Portable storage and item manipulation through tiered backpacks and a system of modular upgrades CurseForge:iron-backpacks, wiki same
Iron Chests bigger chests CurseForge:iron-chests same
Quantum Storage adds a Deep Storage Unit to hold all the things CurseForge:quantumstorage same
Reborn Storage Adds a multiblock crafter to Refined Storage CurseForge:rebornstorage same
Refined Storage An elegant solution to your hoarding problem CurseForge:refined-storage, wiki same
Refined Storage Add-ons addon mod for Refined Storage TBD CurseForge:refined-storage-addons
Storage Drawers Interactive compartment storage for your workshops CurseForge:storage-drawers same
Translocators A fancy way to move stuff CurseForge:translocators-1-8 same
Wireless Crafting Terminal wireless terminal with crafting, for AE2 CurseForge:wireless-crafting-terminal same

Transportation and Piping Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Chest Transporter move chests with contents CurseForge:chest-transporter | same
Long Fall Boots Remember those white boots from that one game? CurseForge:long-fall-boots same
Signals adds OpenTTD/Factorio style signaling and more TBD CurseForge:signals
Simply Jetpacks 2 addon to Ender IO and ThermalExpansion; adds jetpacks and Fluxpacks which can be used to charge things in your inventory TBD CurseForge:simply-jetpacks-2
Steve's Carts Reborn Customizing minecarts in modern minecraft CurseForge:steves-carts-reborn same
Thermal Dynamics Adds ducts - blocks for transporting Items, Fluids, Redstone Flux, and even Players! TeamCoFH:Thermal Dynamics CurseForge:thermal-dynamics
Whoosh Simple and portable teleporters CurseForge:whoosh same
XNet adds a networking cable. Using networking cables you can instantly transport items, fluids, energy, and information. XNet Wiki CurseForge:xnet

Magic Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Botania An innovative natural magic themed tech mod CurseForge:botania, Wiki same
EvilCraft An evil mod CurseForge:evilcraft same
Not Enough Wands Adds various very configurable utility wands to Minecraft CurseForge:not-enough-wands same
ProjectE Equivalent Exchange 2 (EE2) for modern Minecraft TBD, MinecraftForum thread CurseForge:projecte
PSI Psionic Spellcasting Instruments website CurseForge:psi

Dimension Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Aroma1997s Dimensional World adds a complete new Dimension, specially for Mining, but you can do whatever you want to do in it. CurseForge:aroma1997s-dimensional-world same
Compact Machines Adds small rooms inside of blocks. CurseForge:compact-machines same
NetherPortalFix fix nether portal crosslinking TBD CurseForge:netherportalfix
RFTools Dimensions addon mod for RFTools which handles creation of dimensions wiki CurseForge:rftools-dimensions

Terrain Generation Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
COFH World stuff used to be in CoFH Core TeamCoFH:CoFH World CurseForge:cofh-world
Thermal Foundation required for the Thermal Series and provides modpack makers a way to add resources to their worlds. TeamCoFH:Thermal Foundation CurseForge:thermal-foundation

Farming, Husbandry, Creature and Plant Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Bonsai Trees adding a block that grows small trees in two block spaces. CurseForge:bonsai-trees same
Chickens breed chickens like Forestry bees CurseForge:chickens Chicken Breeding Chart same
Cooking for Blockheads adds a cooking book to Minecraft that will only show recipes that you can currently make with the things you carry in your inventory and a multi-block kitchen Cooking for Blockheads Wiki CurseForge:cooking-for-blockheads
Ducky Mod duck bodyguard CurseForge:ducky-mod same
Enderman Evolution early-game Enderman-focused mod CurseForge:enderman-evolution same
Energetic Sheep Sheep that generate energy [[CurseForge:energeticsheep same
Farming for Blockheads adds a Seed Market to Minecraft, similar to the Market from Pam's Harvestcraft, but with a search bar and a scrolling grid CurseForge:farming-for-blockheads [1]
Forestry farming, renewable energy production as well as the breeding of trees, bees and butterflies Forestry Wiki, Bees 101 MinecraftGuide, The Sixler's Half-Assed Guide How To Bees CurseForge:forestry
Fast Leaf Decay what it says TBD CurseForge:fast-leaf-decay
Hatchery Be a real life chicken farmer. Hatching, Breeding, and More CurseForge:hatchery, wiki same
Industrial Meat addon to industrial foregoing that adds back the beloved Meat Blocks, Meat Ingots, and the Meat Packer CurseForge:industrial-meat same
Moo Fluids different Cows that when milked give you different fluids CurseForge:moo-fluids same
More Chickens Adds Tinkers and Draconic Evolution Chicken Types to Chickens Mod CurseForge:more-chickens same
More Shearables Shear Pigs, Cows and Chickens CurseForge:more-shearables same
Mystical Agriculture Grow all your resources! The spiritual successor to Magical Crops CurseForge:mystical-agriculture same
Mystical Aggradations Adds tier 6 crops, Tinkers' support, Paxels and more to Mystical Agriculture CurseForge:mystical-agradditions same
Natura Well, it's Natura CurseForge:natura same
Oreberries a configurable version of old Tinkers' Construct oreberries CurseForge:oreberries same
Pam's HarvestCraft A farming mod that adds 60+ new crops, 36 new fruit trees, 17 new fish, simple beekeeping, and over 1100 new foods and items CurseForge:pams-harvestcraft same
Roost a place for chickens to rest CurseForge:roost same
Shear Madness Chisel - For Sheep CurseForge:shear-madness same
Simple Corn Corn the way Mojang might add it! CurseForge:simple-corn same
Simple Harvest Right click crop harvesting CurseForge:simpleharvest same
SlimyBoyos Makes slimes pickup items CurseForge:slimyboyos same
Snad sand that actually makes sugarcane grow faster CurseForge:snad same
Thermal Cultivation Right now this mod only adds a single thing:Watering Cans TeamCoFH:Thermal Cultivation [[CurseForge:thermal-cultivation]
Twerk Sim 2K16 Work it, twerk it, grow that wood! CurseForge:twerk-sim-2k16 same
Wither Skeleton Tweaks General improvements to wither skeletons CurseForge:wither-skeleton-tweaks same

Construction & Decorative Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
/dank/null a tiered /dev/null CurseForge:dank-null same
Better Builder's Wands An attempt to make a nicer-to-use builder's wand CurseForge:better-builders-wands same
Chisel carve decorative blocks CurseForge:chisel same
Chisels & Bits Create endless custom decorations using in game materials CurseForge:chisels-bits, Wiki same
Exchangers tech-themed gadget mod inspired by the block Exchangers from EnderTech ftbwiki:Exchangers CurseForge:exchangers
Flat Colored Blocks a selection of simple colored blocks, transparent blocks, and glowing blocks for use in building and creative projects CurseForge:flat-colored-blocks same
Klee Slabs Allows only breaking one half of a double slab CurseForge:kleeslabs same
Missing Pieces A collection of blocks that I thought would add to the game CurseForge:missing-pieces same
Ore Excavation veinminer alternative CurseForge:ore-excavation same
Tiny Progressions Cobblegens, Growth Crystals and Watering Cans oh my CurseForge:tiny-progressions same
XNiceX Nice Innovative Creative Enhancements CurseForge:xnicex same
Xtones An "official" port of Ztones CurseForge:xtones same

Everything Else

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
Angel Ring to Bauble Allows ExtraUtils2 Angel Ring to go in bauble slot CurseForge:angel-ring-to-bauble same
Actually Baubles adds Baubles capability to some items in Actually Additions [CurseForge:actually-baubles ]] same
Bad Wither No Cookie! A lightweight universal mod to silence these nasty world wide broadcast sounds CurseForge:bad-wither-no-cookie-reloaded same
Baubles small addon mod and api that is intended to be used by other mods to add additional inventory slots to a character. CurseForge:baubles same
BetterFPS Performance Improvements CurseForge:betterfps same
Chance Cubes A game of chance and skill CurseForge:chance-cubes, Wiki same
Clumps clumps XP orbs together CurseForge:clumps same
Comforts adds sleeping bags and hammocks CurseForge:comforts same
Crafting Tweaks Allows you to rotate, balance or clear the crafting matrix CurseForge:crafting-tweaks same
Craft Presence Customize the way others see you play in Discord CurseForge:craftpresence same
FoamFix Simple, targetted optimizations CurseForge:foamfix-for-minecraft same
FTB Utilities client & server admin utilities CurseForge:ftb-utilities same
Inventory Sorter Some simple inventory sorting tweaks CurseForge:inventory-sorter same
Inventory Tweaks (optional) preferred replacement by many for Inventory Sorter; this one has the auto-replacement of dying tools and auto-swapping of stacks CurseForge:inventory-tweaks same
Item Scroller (optional) recommended replacement by some for Mouse Tweaks. Supposedly fixes lag whenever inventory is opened CurseForge:item-scroller same
Just Enough Items (JEI) replacement for NEI CurseForge:just-enough-items-jei same
LootBags Adds bags of loot to mob and dungeon drops CurseForge:lootbags same
OpenBlocks Random collection of blocks. Some of which aren't blocks at all. in-game book? CurseForge:openblocks
Ore Excavation A lightweight veinminer alternative CurseForge:ore-excavation same
Pam's Simple Recipes adds several crafting and smelting recipes CurseForge:pams-simple-recipes same
Random Tweaks miscellaneous, vanilla-compatible tweaks. Most of these are very cool CurseForge:randomtweaks same
Realistic Item Drop Renders 3D items flat on the ground and disables auto-pickup CurseForge:realistic-item-drops same
Torchmaster Adds a special torch which prevents mob spawning CurseForge:torchmaster same

Player Info and Configuration Mods

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
AppleSkin provides HUD features previously included in AppleCore CurseForge:appleskin same
Better Than Bunnies Bunnies in hats and tuxs. Why? CurseForge:better-than-bunnies same
Better Than Llamas Llamas in hats and tuxs. Why? CurseForge:better-than-llamas same
Client Tweaks Fixed Minecraft for you CurseForge:client-tweaks same
Controlling Adds a search bar to the Key-Bindings menu CurseForge:controlling same
Fullscreen Windowed (Borderless) for Minecraft as the title says CurseForge:fullscreen-windowed-borderless-for-minecraft same
Googly Eyes Adds googly eyes to player and all vanilla mods. Why?? CurseForge:googlyeyes same
Hwyla fork of WAILA CurseForge:hwyla same
Inventory Sorter Some simple inventory sorting tweaks. CurseForge:inventory-sorter same
Just Enough Items (JEI) an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft, built from the ground up for stability and performance CurseForge:jei same
JEI Bees adds JEI recipes that show breeding and products from Forestry bees, trees and butterflies TBD CurseForge:jei-bees
Just Enough HarvestCraft JEI integration for Pam's HarvestCraft CurseForge:just-enough-harvestcraft same
JourneyMap Real-time mapping in game or in a web browser as you explore CurseForge:journeymap-32274, Website same
More Overlays Brings back the NEI Overlays CurseForge:more-overlays same
Mouse Tweaks enhances the inventory management by adding various additional functions to the usual mouse buttons CurseForge:mouse-tweaks same
Neat stat bars for mobs CurseForge:neat same
Wawla - What Are We Looking At works along side Waila to further provide information about the minecraft world around you CurseForge:wawla-what-are-we-looking-at same

Modpack-Maker Utilities & libs

Not high priority to document

Mod Purpose Documentation Primary Download
CraftTweaker a continuation of Minetweaker3 MineTweaker3 Wiki CurseForge:crafttweaker
Custom Main Menu allows you to modify the main menu using a json file CMM docs CurseForge:custom-main-menu