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Title: 'Official Wolf List' // Zwr <19> Fri Jun 5 06:04:25 1998

Here is an updated version of my wolf list. I am arrogantly calling it the 'official' wolf list, because all of the other wolf lists that have been circulating were all derived from it more or less. It should also be slightly more complete than the others (still need the silver grey wolves, and I don't kill in good aligned treasure hunts that much...if anyone finds out, please let me know. :)

  Name:               Location:        Wisdom
  Small puppy         (Greenhaven)      1
  Small docile/Feral  (Wandering)       1-2
  Royal dogs          (Andeli)          2
  Wimpering dog       (Nepheth)         2
  Wild dog            (Forest)          2
  A dog               (Balan)           3
  Large wolf          (Forest)          3
  Docile/Feral        (Wandering)       3-5
  Maned wolf          (Forest)          4
  Timber wolf         (Greenhaven)      5
  Diseased wolf       (Village Dump)    6
  Grey wolf           (Forest)          6
  Large Docile/Feral  (Wandering)       6-8
  Harrke wolf         (Harrke Portal)   8
  Arctic wolf         (Northern Tundra) 9
  Guard dog           (Orc Slaver)      9
  Very Large D/F      (Wandering)       9-11
  Timber wolf         (Northern Forest) 10
  Dire wolf           (Southern Swamp)  11
  Timber wolf         (Star Caverns)    12
  Huge Docile/Feral   (Wandering)       12-14
  Winter wolf         (Steading)        13
  Shadowy Protector   (Ilderia)         13
  Huge Dog            (Arcadia)         14
  Winter wolf         (Ebon Manor)      14
  Snow wolf           (Northern Tundra) 14
  Arctic wolf         (Star Caverns)    15
  Enormous D/F        (Wandering)       15-17 (18, 19?)
  Grey wolf           (Star Caverns)    16
  Dread wolf          (Star Caverns)    17
  Red wolf            (Star Caverns)    17

Prince Zwr

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