Mysterious Islands

********Title: 'The discovery of Ford and Northern Ford' // Ford <10> Thu Mar 20 21:54:20 1997

  Waterhaze 5, 527.  A summers afternoon.
  Today when the sun is high I set sail in the Dancing Ford, with faithful
sailor wench Polypurbred. First we sailed east, Then to the north. The waves
seemed  to go on forever when the mainland disapeared on the horizon. But
farther north we sailed till the waters became shallow. Following this we
sailed the sturdy Dancing Ford east. In the discance to the north I saw the
fabled Icelandia. Cold and barren. Its chill wind seemed to blow down off its
mighty cliffs of ice and accross the sea to send shivvers up my spine. And to
the south I saw a quiet place. Charming and pieceful. I chose to explore this
before I sailed north. As we drew closer I saw the buaety of the island.
Polypurbred and I landed the boat on the beach. And we set foot on the new
land. My faithful sailor wench and I explored this island through and
through. ... On the southern shore I peered across the sea. I caught a glimce
of an island to the south.
  I ran to the northern side of the island grabbed The Dancing  Ford in my
massive dwarvin arms and carried it to the southern end. I layed the boat
down on the beach and we set sail once again. This time to the south.
  The island expanded untill it was the entire horizon. And I landed the
Dancing Ford on this great Island. As I set my foot on this island I chose to
name it Ford. And turned to the north. And named the island to the north
Northern Ford.
  I explored this island Polypurbred following close behind. We faught the
brave beasts of this island and tamed all but one. This one I had to bravely
run away from or have my eyeball pecked out...
  The island haas a few mountains. And in these mountains I lost sight of
Polypurbred my faithful sailor wench. I scoured the island for a day. Then
set sail alone.
  I sailed these somber seas alone to the north. I  knew there had to be a
way past the cliffs to the north, on the island of Icelandia. Past Northern
Ford I sailed and into the cold seas. Till reached did I the cliffs of ice
and the  blizzard of snow. I sailed the trusty Dancing Ford around to the
east, for there was not a place to land. I watched the barren place go by
nothing but dead cold rock.
  On the northern side I caught a glimce of hope. Through the craggy deapths
of the island I saw a small glade and a spring. I tryed to land but the
cliffs to high and the waves to vicious... I could not help but think that
someone or something wanted me not to land my brave vessel. And you cannot
challenge the sea, for the sea is by far the strongest element though not the
fiercest (read "Element" from the library). I sailed my boat south and west.
I saw the barren land of death and my heart was filled with fear. I longed
for home. But there was a matter I needed to attend to before I set my sails
twords home. Polypurbred.
  I sailed my vessel south down the eastern side of Northern Ford. And west
past the southern shore. Then I aimed my boat south again and landed.
  I scoured the land untill I found a sign of life. I found her by the sea.
  We set sail not an hour later. And went home.

      -Ford Mighty Captain of the Seas
********Title: 'islands?' // Druenarrii <19> Thu Mar 13 17:02:46 1997

Well.. 5 hours of sailing later... (and a night of sleep)
the 3 or 2 block island due east of the lich castle is where the sailing ship
atlantis drops you off.  we high levelers cant go beyond there though 
you _can_ exit atlantis and drop a boat, and go rowing, but you get stuck
there.. or I did.   I believe the HUGE island just north of that may
be Icelandia...
and as for that small one which you can see all on the map?.. the one that
has mountains all the way around it?  you can land on it... but its VERY
hard to get there.  and there aint much there 
I have heard many many many differing accounts of what it is... the coolest
one is that it is an area that never was hit by modern QC.  Personally, tho
I think its just a cool place to be alone.


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