Newbie Areas

(Clipped & modified from "help newbie2", online help file)

..and finally updated for rivers!


Areas which you might visit are the Haunted Manor, the faerie ring, the goblin settlement, the haunted ship, the dwarven mines, the drow caverns, the Southeastern Isle, Dalair, or the small park. To get to them (from outside Decker's shop), the directions are:

Haunted Manor
The best place to explore and hang out around is the Haunted Manor. The manor features a variety of low-level creatures, some useful loot and treasure, and it is close to Tantallon. Most importantly for young players, though, is the second-floor bedroom, where you may "sleep" to heal yourself, for only the cost of your time. You would be well-served to be very familiar with this place until you have several levels under your belt.

Haunted Manor: From directly outside of the main shop (Decker's New and Used Goods on Main Street just west of the East Village Crossroads), go: e, 8n, e, ne, n, and you will be in the manor. Reverse the directions to go back.

Faerie ring
e, 21n, 1w, 1n, and enter the ring. Be careful here, some of the creatures are more difficult than they appear. Most of the creatures here are good-aligned, so those of you trying to force your alignment to evil will be interested.
Goblin Settlement
8w, n, 3w. From here, go nw to enter the settlement. A strong branch you find here makes a fine weapon [Staff, for you mages and necros].
Haunted ship
e, 29n, 5e. As always, sizeup your opponents before jumping into battle. [There is also a healing area on the 2nd deck, all the way north. Just rest in the nice room and you will heal at a greatly accelerated rate.]
Dwarven mines
e, 16n, 3w, 2n. Take the western route, and you will find monsters ranging from easy to slightly difficult. The dwarf babies are very good-aligned, so those of you who are trying to force your alignment to evil will want to go here.
Drow caverns
7w, 5s, 7w, 8s, enter cave. Don't go too deep into these caverns. The deeper you go, the tougher it gets.
Southeastern Isle
3e, 1d. Now wait for the 'Atlantis' to come. There is quite a bit to do and monsters range from easy to medium. [There is a healing area in the natives' village. Enter the healing hut and "join circle"].
Small Park
7w, s. From here 'enter park' will get you into the park. There are lots of small, easy creatures to be found here; some visible, some hidden.
11w, 3n, w, 7n. Nepeth is another large town and the seat of power for King Drin and his Knights. The inhabitants here are not aggressive, but will defend themselves if attacked. A very good newbie training ground can be found by going an additional 2n, 1w.
Dalair is a medium town, and a veritable den of iniquity and squalor, inhabited by orcs and other scum. Here can be found the Necromancer's hall, and the Courts of Chaos guild. The hobgoblins and goblins in huts on the south side of town are possible for low-level characters; sizeup your opponents before jumping into battle. If you are an elf or half-elf, stay away! Wandering orc patrols attack to kill if you are the least bit elvish (Chaosers excepted), but ignore orcs and humans. I don't know about dwarves. Orcs and humans will find food, drink and a merchant to sell treasure to here.

Additionally, the forests to the north and southwest of Tantallon contain many forms of wildlife, as well as an occasional orc or goblin. The forests are great for hunting, but be sure to keep your bearings. If you ever find yourself in unfamiliar territory, a good plan is to head east till you find the coast, then follow it back to Tantallon.

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