A few tips

(Clipped & modified from "help newbie2", online help file)


Get familiar with Tantallon. You'll find almost all the shops and services you will ever need somewhere around town. At the smithy, Ironman the Smith will give newbies a free jacket and knife to get started. Sometimes paladins leave stuff in the south room of the smithy for newbies. Learn your way around Tantallon, locate the Commodities Exchange (aka "the CX"), and get starting money and experience by doing CX runs.
When you have done enough CX runs to afford some better equipment from Fredd's Basic Equipment shop, and/or enough xps to raise a stat or two, go to your class hall, and raise your Strength and Dex to 2. You now have a much better chance of winning a fight with low-level monsters, and you can wield slightly better weapons. (SeeSpindrifter's weapon Evals for some weapons you can wield, or try things yourself.. Literally; the try command in shops lets you see if you can wield a weapon before you buy it.
Before entering battle, be sure you are wearing any armour you have, and that you are wielding your weapon. It is also a good idea to set your wimpy to 20%, and set your defense, depending on what class you are. [Set your attack, as well.] "check" the monster frequently if you have a magic stone. It is also a good idea to look at your opponent, and "aim" at an unarmoured body area. When in doubt, "aim head." Help is available on wimpy, aim, defend, attack, and several other combat topics.
Don't be afraid to explore, but do exercise caution. Familiarize yourself with the peer command (help peer), the search command, (help search), the mechanics of crossing rivers (help rivers), and be ready to run away if something beyond your capability attacks you. There are aggressive wandering monsters, get to know who they are, and use peer a lot. Some known aggressive monsters that eat newbies for light snacks: giant eagle, ogre, giant ogre, hill giant, bobcat, wolverine, orc patrol, trolloc patrol, large wolf, irritated orc, etc.
Some known aggressive monsters that you just might be able to fight: ugly goblin, some wandering orcs.
Additionally, you can often find valuables lying about that were abandoned by higher-level characters who couldn't carry everything they'd acquired. Stuff that is too trivial for a 19th level with 100,000 coins in the bank can be a good bit of cash for a newbie with little or now money. Keep your eyes open, and don't be reluctant to scrounge everything that isn't bolted down and sell it. Empty bottles can sell for as much as 10 coins, and damaged pelts are still worth 5 coins.
Look at objects and things described in rooms; sometimes there's more to be found than initially meets the eye. If the description sounds intriguing, or you just have a hunch, don't be afraid to try suggested commands, search the room, or search <object>; many indoor rooms have hidden goodies or information leading to hidden treasures.


Hey, I don't know everything about every class. Tips from y'all who know better than I would be appreciated

Jabberjaws had a nice post on exactly this topic. I recommend learning your way around as a fighter or adventurer for 2-4 levels before switching to rogue, as rogue can be difficult to play at low-level. However, you only gain study hours towards rogue skills by earning experience after becoming a rogue, and the new combat system may have changed how you want to pick up weapon skills--so you might want to join rogues as early as 2nd level.
It is highly recommended that you work up a few levels as an adventurer first. When raising stats, don't neglect wisdom, as your wisdom determines the quality of wolf you can get as a fighting companion. When you finally go for ranger class, watch out for ogres around the ranger camp! They have killed more newbies than any other monster. Use the "peer" command to look into the next room before moving, anywhere north of the river by Hobbitat. It may slow you down, but regaining that lost level and stats because you were killed by a giant ogre in one blow is a lot slower!
If you intend to be a fighter, you might want to switch to this class even before you raise STR & DEX to 2; the abilities are useful in a fight. At low level, your abilities may not seem all that reliable, but the additional defense forms and the better learning with most weapon skills may well make a difference from 1st level on.

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