Quest List

  1. Help a young lady of Tantallon (15 points, by Piper)
  2. Explore the Forsaken Lighthouse (25 points, by Sully)
  3. Assist the tree sprites of Sydryth (25 points, by Aisha)
  4. Assist Moosah in the Dragon's Playground (25 points, by Malire)
  5. Recover the gremlin leader's lost property (30 points, by Redwolf)
  6. Bring good powers into this world. (35 points, by Gwendolyn)
  7. Return the Azhads' prized relic. (35 points, by Larina)
  8. Help the monks (45 points, by Profezzorn)
  9. Relieve a poor servant of his problems (50 points, by Florin)
  10. Restore the soul to Listhalia's maiden (50 points, by Deric & Willow)
  11. Help Khmoram to walk again (50 points, by Trixx)
  12. Zhamarr (50 points, by Musashi)
  13. Assist the King! (50 points, by Amante)
  14. Assist the princess of Andeli (50 points, by Tigress & Saerdan)
  15. Investigate the Scythe plot to invade Nepeth (50 points, by Salliver)
  16. Thwart the wizard in the Star Caverns (70 points, by Timber & Rebelheart)
  17. Kill the warlock and restore the balance (75 points, by Asyvan & Ged)
  18. Brave adventurers, I call you one and all! (75 points, by Greyson
  19. Unravel the legend of the Whisper Geyser (75 points, by Taver)
  20. Restore the Music Man's trapped soul (50 points, by Levi)
  21. Help August find his mother's necklace (35 points, by Jerusulum & Llandra)

Help a young lady of Tantallon

A young lady is greatly troubled by a loss of an object of great value to her. Help her relieve her concerns. Seek her in the town of Tantallon. This quest requires a minimum of fighting, and would be appropriate for low level adventurers.

Explore the Forsaken Lighthouse

Along the shores of Ancient Anguish is hidden a story of love and betrayal. Northeast of Tantallon lies a Forsaken Lighthouse, which awaits the bold adventurer whose spirit and intelligence lift him or her far above his low-to-mid level. Lift the curse that sits upon it!

Assist the tree sprites of Sydryth

The goblins have been working their way south and are terrifying the tree sprites of Sydryth. They have recently stolen the sprites' sacred medallion and Ryltar, the sprite leader, is in need of help. He's calling for all low-level adventurers to assist him in his time of need. Return the Medallion of Sydryth to the tree sprites so they may once again prosper.

Assist Moosah in the Dragon's Playground

Help a distraught craftsman!

At the northwest corner of the the park just south of the western gates, Moosah whittles in the Dragon's Playground. He has crafted a beautiful puppet for Prissy, for whom his unrequited love burns bright, but the puppet has been torn apart by a jealous bully and now lost. The search may be difficult, but Moosah needs you to find the two parts so he may rejoin them, and have you return the repaired puppet to Prissy.

This quest is designed for all levels, and your curiosity will be rewarded.

(This quest gives 25 points.)

Recover the gremlin leader's lost property

Prevent a race war!

In the northern forest lies a small village inhabited by mischievious critters known as gremlins. The leader of the gremlins, Zibzib needs your help. Someone has stolen his favorite toy. He will wage war against the Hobbits if his toy is not recovered. It is up to you to recover Zibzib's toy and prevent a terrible war.

This quest is open for all levels to explore.

Keep your eyes and ears open, and have fun.

(This quest gives 30 points.)

Bring good powers into this world

There are rumours about a convent by a lake where there is a sealed portal keeping good powers out of this world. Help the nuns open the portal. Recommended for players of medium level.

Return the Azhads' prized relic.

In the Kazari desert, far to the south of Tantallon, the Azhads, a tribe of nomads, have lost a prized relic. A cunning adventurer who could assist these desperate people would win great favour from their chief. All should be warned however, that so great is the Azhads' distrust of outsiders that only those who combine diplomacy with ingenuity are likely to succeed.

This quest is suitable for all levels.

(This quest gives 35 points.)

Help the monks

The monks in the monastery south of the evil temple need your help to perform their sacred duties. Recommended for low level adventurers.

Relieve a poor servant of his problems

A poor servant has lost an object his master needs. Their small cottage can be found somewhere to the south of the river that flows from Crescent lake to the ocean. This quest involves a minimum of fighting and is suited for anyone with a vivid imagination level 8 and up.

Restore the soul to Listhalia's maiden

In the village of Listan a beautiful maiden has been trapped by a demon. Her priestess is powerless to help, and her lover can do nothing to aid them. With the sage's help, one such as yourself might be able to free the maiden. A clever adventurer, no matter how inexperienced, can give aid.

Help Khmoram to walk again

  /\\                                                                \
 /==\\                                                                \
 |==|                                                                |
 \\==/                                                                /
  |                                                                 |
  |        'Khmoram, the lame who walks, doesn't walk anymore.      |
  |         Find out why he is lame and try to help him.'           |
  |                                                                 |
  |    This is a quest that requires more brain than muscles, and   |
  |    you should be able to solve it even if you are a low-level   |
  |    player. A good start could be to visit Khmoram in his home   |
  |    in the small northeastern village and get some information   |
  |    on how to help him. So GOOD LUCK ALL! and do not forget to   |
  |    remember ALL information you get and that the most obvious   |
  |    solution COULD be the right one...                           |
  |                                              Trixx              |
  |                                    King Krux's Secret Power     |
  /\\                                                                \
 /==\\                                                                \
 |==|                                                                |
 \\==/                                                                /



            In the northwest of the continent there lies Zhamarr,
          the cruel kingdom in the death-grip of the demonic ruler,
                          Sorcerer King Zarakan.

     "...Zarakan, the king's relative, was once a trusted man. Who would
     have known that he was the one to slay the firstborn. With foul deeds,
     with murder and lie, he cleared his way to the throne. And now there's
     none who can defy the dark powers of that dark souled demon-lord. But
     maybe no more is needed than a single daring adventurer going alone..."

Recommended for high to very high level characters.

(This quest gives 50 points.)

Assist the King!

King Philip's Castle - A Quest.

Help King Philip get a good night's sleep. The start of this quest is located just outside the castle in the northeast corner of Burnham Wood.

Players of medium level and above are encouraged to explore this quest.

(This quest gives 50 points.)

Assist the princess of Andeli

Princess Irene has lost her royal vestments, and is threatened by a band of orcs. Help her find her clothes and remove the threat. You can find Irene in Andeli Castle to the northwest of the main village. Players of medium level are encouraged to attempt this quest.

Investigate the Scythe plot to invade Nepeth

Drin's Agent x07:

On my recent reconnaissance of the evil Scythe Clan's camp, I have uncovered a plot to overthrow Nepeth! Unfortunately I fear my cover has been blown and I dare not make the return journey to Nepeth to inform Drin, but instead must hastily scribble it here before I am found and killed -- so please forgive my haste!

On the western side of the Scythe camp I have uncovered a tunn...

[hmm, that's it, except for a few splatters of blood]

This area ranges from low level right through to mid-high level, but the quest itself can be solved by nearly any thinking player.

You should follow your own conscience when solving this puzzle.

(This quest gives 50 points.)

Thwart the wizard in the Star Caverns

Attention all! Belirane, Rebelheart, and I have just gotten back from exploring the new areas of the Star Caverns up in the mountains northwest of Hobbitat. We have found the lair of an elemental wizard who is trying to unravel the mysteries of nature. A strange voice told us to stop him because the power would drive him crazy, and that he would destroy the world! We were exhausted from chasing the packrats who kept stealing our booty and had to return to town for rest, so we must pass on the responsibility to you. Stop the elemental wizard before it is too late. We left some information around the caverns that might help. Good luck.

                                                -Timber, of the Wolves
                                                -Rebelheart, of the Wolves

P.S. This is for high level players. Be warned.

(This quest gives 70 points.)

Kill the warlock and restore the balance

Kill the evil warlock in the mountains north of Nepeth and restore the balance of the world. For very high level players only.

Brave adventurers, I call you one and all!

  |                                                                        |
  | O                         Brave Adventurers!                         O |
  |                                                                        |
  |    Nights ago, I was testing a newly-acquired scrying orb, sending my  |
  |  ethereal form over the southern parts of the lands.   From my rather  |
  |  unique vantage point, I thought I spied something off of the edge of  |
  |  the southeastern  peninsula,  shrouded in the eternal mists that lay  |
  |  there.  I sent my form closer, and used my magical arts to dissipate  |
  |  some of the mists.   However, upon approaching what had become clear  |
  |  to me as a structure of some sort, I felt a presence there,  pulling  |
  |  at my ethereal  form.  It did not seem malicious or malevolent,  but  |
  |  there  was such a great want within it,  I feared my spirit would be  |
  |  sucked into that place and never released!                            |
  |    My ethereal form is highly susceptible to outside  influences, and  |
  |  I cannot risk approaching that area again.  My physical form is much  |
  |  too weak to survive a journey to that area.   Therefore, I call upon  |
  |  you to seek out this presence and  alleviate the great pain and want  |
  |  that exists within it...                                              |
  |                                                                        |
  |                                            - Alizarkanon               |
  | O                                                                    O |

(This quest gives 75 points.)

Unravel the legend of the Whisper Geyser

Dwell in the footsteps of an age long forgotten and unravel the legend behind the Whisper Geyser from village folklore. The small village of Greenhaven can be found in the northern region.

Recommended for exploration by all levels, but only the highest level champions will be able to complete this quest.

(This quest gives 75 points.)

Restore the Music Man's trapped soul

o/~ Restore inspiration to the Music Man's forest dwelling. . .
o/~    He fled his noble life in Andeli to seek a more meaningful
o/~    existence with his wife near Crystal Lake.  Sudden
o/~    tragedy would leave him unable to find any meaning in life
o/~    from that point on, however.  Only an adventurer with an
o/~    abundance of imagination and cunning can restore inspiration
o/~    to the house which once thrived, but is now deadened with
o/~    silence.  Remaining is the solemn memory of the great couple
o/~    that once filled the dwelling with music and joy.
o/~         You must free the Music Man's spirit.  Good luck.
o/~    This quest is appropriate for mid level adventurers.

(This quest gives 50 points.)

Help August find his mother's necklace

~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~ .. ~~
     .    A miner's son has lost his mother's        o
    __\   necklace while playing in the lake,   .
 |\/  0\  rumoured to be near the site of an    )   .
 |/\___>  underwater village. Daring and       (
     |/   intelligent adventurers are         ) )    .
  ) ./    needed to recover it.          ..  ( (
       .  The quest is targeted to              )
 (    o   mid-level players and above.       ( (   _..
_ ))                                  __. ~_  ) ) =
 . - _.. = _ ' ==    .._  ., .      /       - . ==

(This quest gives 35 points.)

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