Secondary Weapons

This guide considers the most typical secondary weapons in the game and are ranked in order of the parrying ability with this weapon.

  1. Shadowspan (U)
  2. Sai
  3. Gleaming Dagger, Knife of the Defender, Opalescent Long Knife, Big Knife
  4. Peculiar Long Knife, Unusual Long Knife
  5. Big Mean-looking Knife
  6. Silver-bladed dagger, Vicious looking Carving Knife, Heavy Dirk, Elven dagger
  7. Slim dagger
  8. Long Dagger, Stiletto, Dangerous Shiv, Sacrificial Dagger
  9. Spirit Knife, Poison Throwing Knife, Curved Knife, Silver Dagger
  10. Butcher Knife(1)
  11. Skean, Dark Dagger, Hunting Knife, Large Knife(2), Short Dagger, Rose-thorn Dagger, Knife
  12. Jeweled Dagger, Scalping Knife, Sharp Knife, Small Knife, Dagger, Rusty Dagger(3)
  13. Ceremonial knife, Rusty Knife, Flame Dagger
  14. No Secondary

(1) "steel butcher's knife, for chopping meat"
(2) "a very sharp, large knife"
(3) "once the property of a sailor"
(U) Unique

Original list by Prince Zan, revised by C.Higginbotham, based on experience with Blackvelvet. Thanks, Zan!

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