Discussion of high-end undead

********Title: 'Last' // Tirek <19> Thu Oct  8 22:43:44 1998

Okay as a general rule this is how I understand it (Note:  there are
exceptions) :

Fetches can stay in combat the longest do to either a higher natural AC or
more hps.  They do the least damage of the three top undead.

Revs can't stay in combat for very long without a tank as they can't wear
armour.  However, they do the most damage overall of the top three.

Liches are a mix of the two.  They have less hps than a fetch, but hit

Fetch to tank, Rev to bash, and Lich to do a combo.

As for whether non-spellcasting makes better fetches and spellcasting better
liches, that's sort of case by case.  Fetch of Effaw (spellcaster) is
comparable to King Philip (non).  Generally non-spellcasters won't make as
good liches though.

Best fetch:  King Philip (or Effaw but he can be hard to get to).
Best lich:  Effaw or Iannis - barring Illarin since I've never liched her.
Best rev:  Debatable.  Glock is in there definately.


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