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A Discussion of Weapon Categories

All weapons fall into one of the following categories: longsword, shortsword, axe, curved blade, two-handed sword, two-handed axe, spear, knife, staff, flail, club, rapier, polearm, exotic, markmanship, or unarmed... --AA help files

Longswords Shortswords Curved Blades Two-handed Swords
Two-handed Axes Staves Flails Rapiers
Marksmanship Maces & Clubs Knives & Daggers Spears
Polearms Axes Exotics

I have attempted to put existing weapons in likely categories; please drop me a note if you find any that are miscategorized. Significance of the various columns:

Skill required as per fighter eval. (Greater difficulty == more skill required) Thanks to Sudian for working out the approximate relation between weapon difficulty and ideal weapon skill for skill improvement purposes for rapiers and curved blades; I have generalised that relation in the table at right.
If an old rating (pre-eval change), it shows the attack/parry rating. If a new rating, it shows the damage/parry rating. Both as per fighter eval
Minimum strength to wield, determined by experience.
Various, including but not requiring: area found, description notes to distinguish from other weapons with same name, and special features.
DifficultyTagIdeal Skill Range
grandmother could use thisg0-5
extremely easyee0-10
very easyve10-17
some skills23-30
moderate skillm30-35
moderately difficultmd45-50
very difficultvd50-65
extremely skilledes60+
--Spindrifter da Orc-Bear

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