Rath Nathrach

Welcome to Rath Nathrach,

the House of the Dragon

Herein may be found things related to Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, and Minecraft, Traveller, and various other RPGs and games

Herein be most of the private Minecraft modpack info. Wiki broke right now.
Wiki broke, so herein are the original html files
Sinhika's mods. Developed for Minecraft, hosted on CurseForge.

Reports from Antiquity

Being games no longer played, and files likely out-of-date.

Crafted Jewelry calculator for Everquest. Probably out-of-date, as I stopped playing Everquest about 3 expansions back and haven't updated the Gizmo since then.
A very ancient library of information about the LPmud, Ancient Anguish.
DAoC MapperGUI (originally by G.Willoughby) is a graphical user interface to 'Oliver Jowett's DAoC mapper.py' (which is included), a Dark Age of Camelot mapping program written entirely in Python. I have updated it to work with Shrouded Isles, Foundations, and Trials of Atlantis expansion maps. Note that this is probably hopelessly out-of-date.
Maps of all three realms, including Shrouded Isles and Foundations expansions, Trials of Atlantis, and New Frontiers zones. Again, seriously out-of-date
Some spreadsheets I've thrown together to help me with spellcrafting and alchemy. Others may also find them useful. And, if I ever write any other DAOC utility programs, they'll be found here. Did I mention, out-of-date?