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DAoC MapperGUI (originally by G.Willoughby) is a graphical user interface to 'Oliver Jowett's DAoC mapper.py' (which is included), a Dark Age of Camelot mapping program written entirely in Python. I have updated it to work with Shrouded Isles, Foundations, Trials of Atlantis, and NOW New Frontiers expansion maps! Many thanks to Caviel of St. Crispin's League, and Fabrice Marmont who provided the fixes to get NIF 4 decoding up and running!

Current version of MapperGUI is 2.4

[Fig 1: MapperGUI main window] [Fig 2: MapperGUI caption editor]
[Fig 1:MapperGUI main window] [Fig 2:MapperGUI caption editor]

Features & Notes



System Requirements

It should run on any Windows or Linux/X system that supports the following required software; it has been tested on both Windows 98 and Linux 2.4/XFree86 4.3.0.

Note: I cannot and will not help you with the installation of Python, PIL, Windows, Linux, Dark Age of Camelot, or any other software package besides MapperGUI itself. I will answer questions about MapperGUI as best I can. First, please read this page all the way through, and check the FAQ for questions that may pertain to your problems.

Python 2.3
is a portable, object-oriented interpreted language. It is commonly available for Windows, Linux, and many other platforms. MapperGUI and the underlying mapper program are both written in Python.
Windows: ActiveState Python is available as a free binary download. Follow ActiveState's directions to install.
Linux: If your distribution installed an older version of Python, check out Python.org for version 2.3 or later. They have RPMs for those of you who use package managers, and source tarballs for those of you who prefer to roll your own. Again, follow their directions to install. Python.org also has a different version of Python for Windows available for download, should you not wish to use ActiveState's version. I have not tested MapperGUI with Python.org's version of Python for Windows, so you are on your own if it doesn't work.
Python Imaging Library (PIL) 1.1.4
PIL is available from PythonWare as a free download, in both source and Windows installer formats.
Windows: You want Python Imaging Library 1.1.4 for Python 2.3 from the above site, or let the Python package manager find it for you. (Included with ActiveState install--see installation instructions below.).
Linux: Download the Python Imaging Library 1.1.4 Source Kit. Again, follow their directions to compile and install.
Dark Age of Camelot files accessible locally or via local network.
The core mapper program written by Oliver Jowett scans the game files installed on your drive and dynamically renders an image. Actually, the DAOC games files don't have to be on a local hard drive, a network drive will do, so long as MapperGUI can read the files.
Don't forget to download MapperGUI itself!


  1. Install appropriate flavor of Python.

  2. Install PIL. Either,

  3. Windows only: Make sure the PATH is set correctly. It should include the entries D:\PYTHON23\;D\:\PYTHON23\LIB, where D:\PYTHON23\ is the drive and folder you installed Python to. (Mine, for example, is in C:\Python23\). To set your PATH:
    Then reboot your PC.

  4. Install DAOC MapperGUI.

Extra Downloads

Additional downloads you may be interested in. The dxt1-decoder source is for experts who want to try re-compiling it for their own platform or version of Python. I will not be able to help you with that; you're on your own. Same for messing around with the bash scripts.