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These are various user interface (UI) mods for the Trials of Atlantis DAOC client. Most, if not all of them were originally created by others, then modified by me to suit me. If they suit you, too, feel free to make use of them.

I refer you to the Camelot Herald for instructions on how to install, use, and/or create UI mods, though I have included notes on a few of the more complex mods I host.

Note: any mod that includes an assets.xml file will have the changes at the bottom, marked off as 'custom code' in the comments. This is for ease of cutting and pasting the custom stuff to any new versions of assets.xml that Mythic may bless us with.

Note: anywhere I refer to 'someone else's' mod, I'd actually like to know who the 'someone else' is, so I can credit them. Please drop me a note if you know.

A few additional resources:

The UI Mods

Chat Window

Chat window with clock (Updated for 1.69)
Chat window with clock embedded in the titlebar. This is a modification of Giljorak's chat window that had an embedded clock and lagmeter. I didn't want a lagmeter there, so I removed it. Note that the clock is also invisible QUIT button.
Chat window with embedded clock, compass & lagmeter (Updated for 1.69)
Chat window with all but the kitchen sink embedded in the titlebar. This is also a modification of Giljorak's chat window. A friend wanted a chat window with a compass, too, so I added it. Note that the clock is also invisible QUIT button.
Chat window with embedded clock, bordered compass & lagmeter (Updated for 1.69)
Chat window with everything, but I found a compass graphic with a border that looked better than the stock one when embedded in the chat window bar. Compass graphic and modified assets.xml file included.


assets.xml file for custom compass setups (Updated for 1.69)
Custom compass graphics generally require an entry to be added to the assets.xml file for the compass graphic. This one has it already added for you. All you need to do is put this assets.xml file and the compass graphic of your choosing (renamed compass.bmp) into your ui/custom directory, change your skin to 'Custom', and you have a new compass!
Small Compass Frame Quillx's framed compass, fixed (Updated for 1.69)
I found this compass on DAOCmods (I think), and I liked the basic idea--a compass with a decorative frame, including a centerline, but the file I had didn't work. It was incomplete. I fixed it so it worked. It has a limitation--since there's no way to tell the UI to switch frame graphics when you switch compass sizes, you have to pick small or large and stick with it. Otherwise it looks really stupid when the frame doesn't change size with the compass. Fortunately, most players set their compass to the size they want, move it where they want it, and leave it there forever.
compass.bmp, Quillixx.tga, and assets.xml go in your ui/custom directory. Pick one of sm_compass_wborder.xml or lg_compass_wborder.xml, put it in your ui/custom directory, and rename it to compass.xml. If the included compass graphic (compass.bmp) does not suit you, use any of the dozens of other compass graphics out there.

Group Mini-Window

Mini-group window with digital health, endurance, and power read-outs (New for 1.69)
This is a 1.69 modification of the old digital health & power group window that adds digital endurance read-out. It's a simple, but very useful mod that I like and use.

Mini-Info Window

Mini-info window with Craft, Repair & Salvage buttons (Updated for 1.69)
This mod is courtesy of several posts to the VN TOA UI Mods board by other talented people. Very handy for a crafter.

Pet Window

Pet window with top pet health and pet buffs
Another modification of someone else's work. An enchantress friend of mine liked the mod with pet health and buffs at the top of the minipet window (mini-pet window? Where's the full-size pet window?), but didn't want the extra enemy target bar at the bottom that the original mod had. So, I removed the extra target bar.
Pet window with decimal health readout (Updated for 1.69)
A very simple mod--added a decimal read-out of pet health to right of pet health bar.

Summary Window

Summary Window with all-digital xp,realm rank, ML xp read-outs. (Updated for 1.69)
Based on Pelagaesius' work, heavily modified. The original by Pelagaesius had a digital experience, power and health read-outs added to right of xp, power and health bars. He also added a realm point bar and digital realm point readout. After using this for a few weeks, I realized I wasn't even looking at the bars anymore for experience and realm points, just the digital readouts. I also wanted to track my Master Level experience. So, I took the original and removed the XP bar, the RP bar, added a digital ML xp readout, and re-sized the window for the smaller configuration.
Summary Window with digital readouts plus realm rank bar (Updated for 1.69)
A slight modification of Pelagaesius' original. I removed the guild shield background to the summary window.