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1. Installation

1.1 Can I run this on some other operating system if I have Python?
There is a shared extension library, _dxt1, written in C that is needed to decode the high-definition terrain files from SI and TOA; I have included both Windows DLL and Linux shared .so lib versions of this library in the main package. If you wish to run on some other platform, you will need to build a Python extension library for your own operating system. The source and build files for _dxt1 (dxt1-decoder) are available for separate download.
1.2 Can I use an earlier version of Python?
This code will work with earlier versions of Python (2.1+) if the shared extension library _dxt1 is re-compiled to work with that version. It may work 'as-is' on a Linux system, but I know the Windows version needs a DLL current to that version of Python. Again, the source and build files for _dxt1 (dxt1-decoder) are available for separate download.
1.3 I have a problem with (Python, PIL, Windows, Windows installer, Linux, Linux installation, Dark Age of Camelot, my hard disk... ). Can you help me?

2. Rendering Things

2.1 I forgot to save my rendered map! Do I have to render it all over again?
Not if you haven't made any new maps in the meantime. Your map is temporarily stored in the mapper sub-directory of your MapperGUI installation under the name thumbnail.jpg.
2.2 I can't render New Frontiers zones! All other zones render okay.
Short answer: I know, fixed in MapperGUI 2.4
Long answer: Mythic quietly changed the way they render backgrounds around the time TOA came out, and some New Frontiers installations just don't have the old background textures that mapper.py uses. I had to re-write mapper.py to look for the new background textures if it can't find the old ones, and that fix comes out in MapperGUI 2.4
2.3 I tried to render Cothron Gorge and it's all dark! What's going on here?
There are holes in the boundary walls of Cothron Gorge, Gripklosa Mountains, and Avalon Isle that cause the boundary drawing algorithm to freak out and flood-fill the zone. Render those three zones with 'Draw Edge Boundaries' unchecked, until Mythic fixed those boundaries.
2.4 Why is the battleground boundary drawn inside out? It shows the outer edge as usable and the part we all fight in as beyond the boundary wall!
The battleground is an especially weird case. It has no entrance gap in the boundary wall, which fools the boundary-drawing algorithm into picking the outer edge as the usable side of the boundary line. None of the programmers have come up with a good way to fix this without breaking how it works on the rest of the zones. Just render the zone with 'Draw Edge Boundaries' unchecked.
2.5 Why aren't any structures or trees showing up on my maps?
You are probably using an older version of MapperGUI than 2.1; earlier versions did not support the NIF 4.x format files used by SI and later expansions. Get and install MapperGUI 2.1 or later, which do.
2.6 Why are some structures showing up, but others aren't?
Windows: Python on some versions of Windows (like my Windows98 install) runs out of memory when decoding very large structures. I've modified mapper.py to just skip those structures and release the memory when this happens.
Linux: Many NIF files are not consistantly capitalized because Windows does not care about case-sensitivity. Linux does. So if a DAOC configuration file calls for bpinetre1.npk, and it's actually spelled BPineTre1.npk, Linux thinks it's a different file and won't find it. I've modified MapperGUI to look for some of the commoner variations on capitalization, but some of the weirder intercapping variants would require serious natural language AI to predict. At home, I've just created soft links between the expected spelling and the actual file.
2.7 Why is it taking so long to render some zones?
Certain zones, particular in TOA, have very numerous or very complex structures that take a long time to decode and render. A very long time. Go have lunch, and ponder that 80,000 polygon forts might have something to do with all that lag in Volcanus.